30 DAY CHALLENGE DAY 26 5-17 – The Bigger Picture to This Life

Essentially this 30 day blog post challenge has become a public diary for me. But if anyone can relate to anything I’ve written the past 26 days I feel like I’ve been able to not only serve myself in this commitment, but others in validating their feelings.

The world we’ve been living in has always been blurred by obsolete things; Instagram and drama and reality TV shows and gnarly competition, but now more than ever it has been so easy to become even more trapped. We’ve been stuck inside and our consumption of irrelevance has skyrocketed. Why? Probably because we’re always looking for a distraction. A way to get the spotlight off of us. When we’re not our best we don’t want the attention on us or our flaws, instead we project our own insecurities in the most radical ways. And for what? To avoid what we really feel? How we truly see ourselves? How we perceive our lives? Guess so. That brings me to my point…

There is so much to this life than objects and fame and recognition and a follower count and he said she said. So much more. The bigger picture in life revolves around how we feel. Deep down. Inside. How we feel when we go to bed at night and how we feel when we wake up in the morning. We live in a society where it’s all so backwards. Instead of chasing the feeling we chase the thing. We have it all wrong. We need to be chasing the feeling, because at the end of day that is all we really have. How we feel is a reflection of our environment. How we feel about ourselves influences how we treat others. How we feel in our gut impacts our actions and every action ends up becoming a compilation of our lives. Sit on that. Think about that. The bigger picture of the lives we are living isn’t someone else’s hands, hell it isn’t even in our own hands, it’s in our own hearts. Those deep rooted feelings are the bigger picture to this world. But it’s your choice whether those feelings represent a place of contentment or envy. Choose contentment. Chase the feeling. It will change the projection of your life, and it will change mine too.