30 DAY CHALLENGE DAY 27 5-18 – Speaking Things Into Existence

Before you read this or while you read this cue up Ed Mylett’s podcast titled, “Destroy Negative Thoughts W/ Trevor Moawad.” Please and thank you, it is absolutely worth it. His episode gets into the nitty gritty of statistics and some wild examples, so I highly recommend going there for concrete facts about the power behind our thoughts and words.

Here we’re just going to chat about speaking things into existence and the power of doing so. Based on my experience with this concept, I believe in it through and through. I truly believe that what you put out there will come to you, even if the Universe puts an unexpected twist on it. But the catch here is that this concept goes for both positive AND negative energy. Whatever you speak, whether it be positive or negative, is put out to come true. That is where mindfulness comes in. Making it a priority to only put positive affirmations out there via your thoughts, but more importantly, via your words is key. If you speak words of positivity, that is what you will get in return. But the same is true in the reverse with negativity. Prioritize good vibrations and energy and thoughts and words. Doing so will create an environment of just that.

If you have never heard of this concept or don’t have much faith in it, I challenge you to give it a try. Slowly, but surely you will see the results for yourself and become hooked. Furthermore, you will put great effort toward only focusing on the things you want to happen. That focus translates into thoughts and words that eventually come back to you in the form of action. It’s the Universe working its magic in the most radical ways. Even if you’re skeptical, there is absolutely no harm, but only good in becoming more positive and wishful and less negative and dreadful. Speaking things into existence has changed my life to be quite honest and once you experience it for yourself, you will only want to put your best energy forth. A greater energy from us all is so powerful and can change the world for the better.