Change Your Thinking // Change Your Life

Hindsight is 20 20 and that gut feeling you have is exactly what you need to be listening to. Those are just two things I’ve learned along the way of this eb and flow, wildly confusing, yet incredibly rewarding thing we call life. I’ve also come to find a few other things like time heals all, success is quite lonely but absolutely worth it, and words turn into action and that action becomes your reality. It truly is crazy the power we harbor within our thoughts and minds and beings. We are so powerful and so strong, yet we often forget and replace those innate qualities with fear and self doubt. Stop that. Let go of that. Embrace all that you are even if it doesn’t align with the rest of the world. Uniqueness wins in the end. Being a carbon copy of someone else doesn’t get you very far, promise. Nor does comprising your own values and who you are at your core to appease the people around you. Everyone is laser focused on themselves anyway. We’re all in this race to do this or do that and be this or be that for everyone else’s approval when we’re really just craving validation from ourselves. The second you accept yourself for who you are deep down is when the magic starts and all of the pieces fall into place. That’s when you regain your power and confidence and life back. That’s exactly what I am so proud to be doing. It’s a shift that turns into a lifestyle that triggers a sequence of events that you can’t deny was a result of you surrendering to the universe. The higher powers know. You just have to communicate with them; tell them that you see them, you hear them, you trust them. It’s in that moment of surrender that you unleash divine opportunities and attract the gnarliest reality, one bigger and brighter than you ever could have imagined. I guess my overarching message here is that all decisions, triggers, turning points begin with you. The Universe will figure out the rest and I’m a testament to that.