Train Your Mind to Trump Your Emotions

The tough part about being in a weak mental state is that you don’t know when it’s coming. It kind of just appears and you’re left to figure it out. You don’t get the luxury of preparation. No warning. Just one day or moment or season you find yourself feeling a bit off. It may not be weak per say but rather mentally unclear or emotionally drained or uncomfortably confused. It more often than not hits us all at once; it’s an accumulation of our mishaps and stressors; a series of events that we so naturally bottle up and let consume us. But it’s also natural. Right now I feel mentally weak, and although I can recognize it, I am still knee deep in it. I’m feeling it hard. And it’s the opposite of pleasant. Notice how I say feeling. I am not mentally weak, I am feeling mentally weak. Feelings are temporary. Although short lived, it’s still like you’re waiting for that one itty bitty straw to set you into the spiral you so badly want to avoid. You’ve been clenching on so tight, I’ve been clenching on so tight. This is a sign for both of us to loosen that grip. Let go of the idea that every day has to be the most productive and healthy and planned out 24 hours. It’s ok to slow down. It’s ok to feel off. It’s ok to give your mind a break. Your mental well being is the core to how you’re doing emotionally and physically and spiritually. Work on building your mental space back up before you rush to figure out the rest. This is essentially me talking to myself and suggesting that I take the very own advice I pass onto others without batting an eye. But this is where I run into trouble. Why is it so easy to understand the logic behind everything, but so hard to accept it? I can see it all unfolding in black and white. I can analyze the depths of it without question. I can pass it on to you so effortlessly. But the feeling behind it changes everything. Key word: feeling. This is where your mind has to be more powerful than your feelings. And to be quite honest, our mind is never the part of us that’s having an off day. It’s our emotions and feelings that we allow to take over our mind and that’s what triggers our weaknesses.

“Your mind has to be stronger than your feelings.”

That’s where the rewiring comes in. That’s where the training starts. We must work on our minds like we’re working out a muscle. Lean into what your mind is telling you, not what your emotions are distracting you with. Your mind is your superpower. My mind is my superpower. It’s time we both start acting like it.