30 DAY CHALLENGE DAY 28 5-19 – Scheduling Is Good For the Soul

Sometimes planning ahead has its perks, especially when it comes to goal setting. I want to talk about how I use planning and scheduling to my advantage in my daily life.

A few things automatically come to mind when I think about scheduling out the week ahead. Those include;

  • Workouts
  • Meals
  • Work
  • General To-Do’s
  • Events

Planning out my week around these things eases my mind and allows me to take a step back to see my week laid out without getting too overwhelmed. Some swear by Google Calendar, I swear by my Notes app. I’ve discussed how useful I find my Notes app in previous blog posts, and this one is no different. The Notes app is convenient and accessible, sleek and simple, customizable, and aesthetically pleasing.

Every Sunday I plan for the week ahead and loosely schedule out my days. My days are loose but my outline is specific and revolves around my current goals, whatever they may be. I spell out my workout for each day. I outline my meals for the week. I plan around my work schedule. I keep a rolling list of to-do’s. And when events pop up I add those in accordingly. Just being able to visually see my week in an organized, yet productive manner fuels my motivation. I feel ready for what’s to come. And I feel a fire lit within me to get after the week by putting out good intentions and following through on my plans. However, like anything, a wrench gets thrown in here and there. While I am specific and distinct in my outline, I am also prepared to adapt to unforeseen circumstances and fit things in that pop up and change around my plan when necessary.

My overarching point here is, if you sometimes get a spike in cortisol just thinking about everything you have to get done or all of your responsibilities or how you’ll be able to balance your goals with your daily life, then take a step back and set a time to actually think everything through, write it down, and set a game plan. Just having a visual of what to expect will undoubtedly ease your mind (and your cortisol levels), allowing you to begin each week with a clean slate. Taking your Monday as a fresh start where you feel confident in your week ahead will make a world of a difference in terms of your thought process, your demeanor, your energy, your motivation levels, and your ability to not only set goals, but actually reach them. You don’t have to be as OCD as me, but get your plan onto paper and follow through with it. It can only help!