30 DAY CHALLENGE DAY 30 5-21 – What This 30 Day Challenge Taught Me

I would be lying if I said this 30 days flew by, because it really didn’t, especially in quarantine. But nonetheless, here we are. I am honestly proud of myself for taking this challenge I set for myself seriously and following through on what I set out to do. I figured it was only fitting to make the 30th blog post about what I learned from this experience.

First and foremost, I learned that if I set my mind to doing something, I am absolutely capable of it. I am proud that I fully committed to posting one blog post everyday for the past 30 days. Now, I need to realize that if I apply this same discipline to something else I want to do, I am more than able to, as long as my mindset is right.

I learned that these posts are essentially a reflection of my thoughts that day and it is pretty cool to be able to look back and see where my mind was at over a 30 day period. I opened my thoughts and feelings and hopes and hardships up on this platform. And in doing so, my goal was to clear my own head while helping readers clear theirs too.

Taking on this challenge really shed light on me as a person. I recognize that I am not only up for challenges that come my way, but determined to apply myself and my effort fully. I think that’s a pretty awesome trait to have. However, I also was able to see how all over the place my mind has been. I think part of that is due to these unprecedented times and another part is due to me just feeling a bit lost at this point in life right now.

I learned that it’s okay to feel. It’s okay to express those feelings. And more so, it’s okay to share those feelings. In some way or another we all go through spurts of highs and lows and that’s okay. It’s how we handle them that uncovers our true character.

Although I think I can use a little break from posting on the daily, I still want to share a blog post whenever I feel compelled. All I can really say is that I am proud of myself for not just committing to this challenge, but committing to myself.

Talk soon 🙂