Regain Your Power

Do you ever just feel like you’re trying so hard to be available for everyone in your life, but when it comes to the latter it’s just not it? I feel like when you wake up each day to be the best possible person you can be, you sometimes lose sight of who’s number one.

You’re number one, yourself, you.

Putting other people first is a double edge sword. Being considerate, compassionate, and empathetic is your nature, but sometimes you have to take a few (hundred) steps back and regain your power back. It sucks to feel like you’re beating to everyone else’s drum, but no one ever beats to yours. I mean I guess you can’t expect that, but when you give that energy out so often, you deep down hope for that back in some way. I’m here to not just tell you, but tell myself, that it’s important to catch yourself when your kindness and consideration is working against you. The people in your life can work with you just as much as you work around them. Taking some time to really reflect on this and digest it is the first step toward regaining your power. This step will remind you to recognize the value you offer and disclose the depths others will go to remind themselves of just that too. Your time is of value. Your worth is invaluable. You are worth it. I promise you, I promise myself too. A few deep breaths and taking the scenic route with your summer 2020 playlist blasting is as good of a cure as any. Don’t forget who you are because if you do, how can you expect those around you to remember?