30 DAY CHALLENGE DAY 7 4-28 – A Workout a Day Keeps the Brain Fog Away

A workout a day keeps the brain fog away, ya feel me?? I mean yeah we may all dread working out at times, but really ask yourself; have you ever felt WORSE after working out? Probably not. In fact, getting yourself to follow through with that workout plan you wrote out on Sunday, or subscription you paid for, or leg and booty workout you saved on Instagram — whatever your thing is — may be one of the more liberating feelings in the world. When you’re planning out your week of workouts you’re honoring your highest self because you know if you follow through like you say you’re gonna, you’ll feel like the baddest bish out there. There are so many benefits to working out and getting your body moving, endorphins running, and mind focused. Just Google the benefits of working out and you’ll find endless amounts of research and information backed by science and real-life people to prove it. So, instead of me rattling off a laundry list of pros to Monday leg day, I’ll save you the reading and just share my biggest and more influential takeaways from my own personal experience.

I’m undoubtedly a creature of habit, which is an asset for the most part, except when it comes to dessert every night :,), but hey always eat the chocolate cake right??? Anyway, morning workouts are my thing. And to be honest right when I wake up, I make my bed and get to my workout right away. *Disclaimer* this method of springing out of bed and moving into a full body HIIT circuit is probably not for most people. But, based on how my schedule has been the last however many years, waking up and getting after my workout first thing is what best suits me and my lifestyle. The point is, my daily workout is a non-negotiable for me (check out my previous blog post on my morning non-negotiables). And no matter how comfy I am in bed that morning, I know that getting up, getting moving, and most importantly keeping the promises I made to myself will make me feel even better. For a lot of people, that one hour a day of pushing your body is their therapy. By no means do you need to be killing your body with extreme exercises. All that matters is that you got up and took 1/24th of your day to better yourself, even if you struggled a little bit to get there. You’ll never regret that 1/24th of your day. I promise you. If you need to get your mind off things and clear your head, go for a walk or a run or lift some weights, whatever works for you. If you want to see if you can lift a little heavier or run a little faster, take that one hour to challenge yourself. If you have a crazy day ahead or just finished a long week, take that one short hour of time to put your headphones in, blast your music, and break a good sweat. Simply put, you’ll never feel worse after committing to a workout because you’re really just committing to bettering yourself. You’ll be stronger, more empowered, and above all else, proud of yourself and thankful for that little voice in your head that told you to follow through with those promises you made to yourself.

During this time, I am sure we’re all suffering from some sort of brain fog. I mean the world is completely turned upside down and we’re expected to keep on keeping on. (???) I’ve found that sticking to somewhat of a routine has instilled a bit of normalcy into each day as they come. So start somewhere. Start with 30 mins. Work your way up. Walk around your neighborhood. Try out that YouTube workout. Give your mind a break and your body a challenge, it will be well worth it.