My Morning Non-Negotiables

1. Warm lemon water
Yes. It’s that simple. When you wake up after a good 7-8 hours of sleep (in a perfect world lol) you are dehydrated. It’s the fact of the matter. Yeah you can reach over for your Hydro Flask and sip on that, but I suggest you get up, grab your favorite mug and kickstart your day with warm lemon water. Why? Well for starters digestion — you’ll thank me later. I can go Jillian Michaels on you and explain the 3,488 health benefits of lemon, or you can just take my word for it. Starting the day with warm lemon water is key, so I suggest you make it the first thing you do every morning. It will set the tone for your routine, your day, and your gut. Happy sipping!!

2. Make your bed
Alright let’s just all agree on this one, okay? Let’s simply take 3 minutes every morning to make our bed — it looks nice and you can say you’ve accomplished at least one thing in your day. Plus nothing beats getting into a perfectly made bed every night, ya know?

3. Movement!!!
Getting up and working out is second nature to me. If you’re a night owl who works out at 8:00 pm, teach me your ways because I just can’t wrap my head around that. Movement in the morning is key because there’s no excuses. Things don’t come up at 6:00 am, they come up at 6:00 pm, so a morning workout faces no excuses — no one and no thing can get in the way of you committing to yourself in the wee hours of the morning. So, wake up and get moving. Maybe you’re a cardio junkie like me, hop on the treadmill and catch up on your favorite YouTubers. Maybe you’re the world’s next best body builder, more power to you, get lifting. (My noodle arms can use some of your guidance, but that’s a chat for another time). Maybe you just want to sip on your first cup of coffee and take the morning slow. Grab a to-go cup and take your coffee on a leisurely neighborhood walk with you. Whatever works for you, do that. It doesn’t matter what it is as long as you’re moving. Every morning the majority of us are blessed with the ability to walk and breath and move our bodies, let’s not take those daily miracles for granted.

4. Hydration
You might think this is a little redundant considering my first tip was to start the day with warm lemon water. But now I’m talking to all of you who wanted to reach for your Hydro Flask first thing. Water is literally the key to everything. Tired? Drink water. Hungry? Drink water because you’re probably just thirsty. Stressed? Take a steamy, hot shower, then drink some water. I’d say a lot of our problems can be solved by this one simple thing. I make it a goal to drink 72 oz of water during the first couple hours of my day. I’ve built up a pretty impressive tolerance to excessive amounts of water in my bladder, so maybe start small, but you’ll still be peeing 35 times a day. Anyway, I find it easiest to get most of my water intake in first thing because again, there’s little distraction in the morning and no opportunity for excuses. Get it done, it’s as simple as that. Drink more water and your mind will think clearer, your skin will be clearer, and you’ll turn into one of those badass people who carries their water bottle around with them just about everywhere, that’s just an additional plus.

5. Manifestation
Don’t knock it till you try it. That’s all I have to say about this one. Every morning since July I have written down the same 10 things in my notes app that align with my best self and my wildest dreams. Physically, mentally, spiritually, entrepreneurially. I write the SAME 10 things down every single morning as if they are already true. When I copy these 10 bullets down, I write in the present tense because I am manifesting these things as my reality. Without even realizing it, you are way closer to your dreams and goals, because you are speaking them into existence as if they already are true. You are a product of your environment, so if you create an environment expressing all you wish to be true, it will start to come true!!! Yes, I promise you, it’s that simple. My 10 little bullets are written in the same order every day and although I am not going to share my list with you, I will tell you that the first thing on my list became my reality. It’s the Universe man. Trust in it. Put out what you wish to receive. Ask for the things you so deeply want. The Universe will answer in the most incredible ways and you’ll be hooked. Manifesting sets an intention for your day because those 10 things are living within you subconsciously, waiting for you to live them out. Thus, everything you do for the rest of the day will bring you closer and closer to where you want to be.

Let me know your morning non-negotiables because I am always looking for new ways of self-development. My routine can always be spiced up a bit, so shoot, I’m all ears!!